My review on Full Diet Expand

I know it has only been 5 days but I just can’t stand it I have to review on the diet pill Full Diet Expand. Not Worth The Money! I’m a realist, I know there isn’t some miracle pill. I understand you have to diet and exercise to see result. I followed the instructions and I see pros in everything but jeez this out right did nothing!

Get this, you have to take 3 pills before your two biggest meals. Uh yeah big pills and I have to take 6 a day. You have to think 8oz of water just to get them all down so of course you will feel full. You have to take the pill 45 minutes before a meal. That is so hard to plan. It’s one thing to fix dinner and take it before but I can’t always plan when I eat lunch since I work so that is very hard. I even used portion control and thought the full feeling would come after I eat and just sit there a minute. In some weird way it made me hungry I don’t know how that happened?! The only pro I can try to get out of this is it does not have stimulates so you don’t have to worry about that jittery feeling.

I just can’t get over how horrible this pill is. I knew I wouldn’t get that “OMG I’m so full” feeling but I just wanted to feel satisfied. I even tried to look for reviews online and I only found two. One saying the liked it and another bashing it up it was said she worked for another diet company but whatever. So if you ever see this product and think “Hm that would be a good pill to try” don’t bother.

I ate right, exercised and took these pills and I hadn’t lost one pound. It said I gained two I think it is water weight but still this just isn’t right.

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  1. TheNewTabb28 @ June 13th, 2012

    Yikes girl!!! I would be pissed too! Im taking a multivitamin right now. I love it. It just helps keep me balanced. Screw the weight loss pills and whatnot. I cant afford to even try those things! I think you do better without them… Add your eggs back in! :)

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